eXy Quake3 Servers CTF/3W/DM
Date: 15 March 09
Version: R3

an extract from OSP Tourney manual

General available commands (all modes of play)
autorecord Creates a demo that utilizes consistant and infor-
mative naming semantics (eXy/OSP clients only).

autoscreenshot Creates a screenshot that utilizes consistant and
informative naming semantics (eXy/OSP clients only).

bottomshots [wpn_abbr] Displays the WORST player accuracies for all weapons
who have fired a minimum of shots for a weapon.
If followed with a weapon abbreviation, the command
will show all qualifying player accuracies for that
particular weapon (MG, SG, GL, RL, LG, RG, PG, BFG).

callvote <params> Calls a vote. The list of available <parameters>
is given further in this document.

currenttime Displays current local time.

followpowerup Toggles auto-chase of powerup pickup (if in chase-
cam mode).

help List of available commands for the particular
mode of play on the server (Alias: commands).

menu Pulls up client cgame menu for eXy/OSP-specific
client tweaks. Use weapnext/weapprev to move
down/up through menu items, and menuleft/menuright
to toggle settings backward/forward.

motd Views server's current MOTD.

players Lists all active players and their server ID
(This ID is needed for other commands, as shown
below). Additional info on client is also given.

ref <password> Become a referee (admin access).

settings Shows current server settings. Green indicates a
default value, while red shows what has been changed
from default for the current gametype.

speconly Toggles client's involvement in the 1v1 queue.
If enabled, then clients will never join a 1v1
game. They will remain spectators the entire
time they are connected. Disabling "speconly"
will put the client back to the end of the queue
to begin playing again.

stats [player_ID] Shows weapon accuracy stats for a player. If no
ID is given, shows stats for the current player
(or if following a player, shows the stats of
the player being followed).

statsall Dumps the stats for all active players.

statsblue/statsred Dumps the stats for the entire blue/red team.

statsdump Dumps current stats/scores to a logfile:

team s Switches to spectator mode.

topshots [weapon_abbr] Displays the best player accuracies for all weapons
who have fired a minimum of shots for a weapon.
If followed with a weapon abbreviation, the command
will show all qualifying player accuracies for that
particular weapon (MG, SG, GL, RL, LG, RG, PG, BFG).

+wstats Dispalys current stats while playing or of the
player being followed (if a spectator). In
multiview, the stats of the player of the
highlighted window will be displayed.

viewall Multiviews all active players on the server.

viewblue/viewred Multiviews the entire blue/red team.

viewcam Switches to cinematic camera mode.

viewadd <player_id> Adds in-game player pov to screen.

viewremove [player_id] Removes currently viewed player pov that is
highlighted. Using the optional player_id
field selects the specific player pov to remove.

viewfollow Viewer will move to chasecam follow mode of the
player in the highlighted view.

viewnone Removes all active views.

viewnext/ Moves forward/backward through views to select
viewprev which player to listen in on.
(Note: The follownext/followprev commands alias
to these commands while in multi-view mode).

viewcyclenext/ Cycles through a player's team members in
viewcycleprev the current view. If a member is in another
view, he/she will be skipped. For 1v1/FFA
modes, this will cycle through all active
(and unviewed) players.

Competition commands
ready Sets player's status to "ready" to start a match.
notready Sets player's status to "not ready" to start a match.
time Call a timeout/timein for a team.
pause Pauses/unpauses a match (admin only).

Team-specific commands [general]
captains Shows the names of both team captains.

coach Switches to "coach" specator mode (after being
invited to the team), or reinitializes coach's
multi-player view of the coached team. Coaches
can teamchat, issue timeouts, teamready, etc.
with or for the team just as if they were a
playing member of the team, but they can only
spectate the coached team.

coachdecline Declines a "coach" invitation, or resigns
coach status for a team if already a coach.

coachinvite <player_id> Invites a player to "coach" the team.

coachkick <player_id> Removes a previously invited coach from a team.

drop <item> Drops available weapon/ammo (TDM/CTF only) or
a carried flag (CTF). Type "\drop" by itself for
a list of available items to drop.

joincode [password] Shows current team joincode or used to join a
locked team by giving a team's joincode password.

lock Locks a player's team

scores Shows team stats for current match.

team <r|b|s|none> Chooses a team (r=red, b=blue, s=spectator) or
shows current team (if no param is given).

time Calls a timeout/timein (Alias: pause)

timein Calls a timein (Alias: unpause)

timeout Calls a timeout (Alias: pause)

unlock Unlocks a player's team

viewred/viewblue Adds views of the entire red/blue team. As
new players join or leave the team, your screen
will be updated.

Team-specific commands [captain] (g_gametype = 3, 4, or 5)
invite <player_id> Invites a player to join the captain's team.
(Alias: pickplayer)

remove <player_id> Removes a player from the captain's team.
(Alias: kickplayer)

resign [player_ID] Resigns team captainship. You can optionally
assign captainship to another teammate by
supplying the teammate's ID.

specinvite <player_id> Invites a player to spectate locked team.

speclock Toggles locking team from spectators.

teamready Readies all members on the team to start a match.
(Alias: readyteam)

Referee (admin) commands
ref <vote_option> <param> Works just like callvote settings and info.
r_abort Aborts a match in progress (primarily for CA)
r_allcaptain Gives all active players limited captain commands.
r_allready Readies all players to start match.
r_ban <player_id> Kicks and bans selected player from server.
r_help This command listing.
r_kick <player_id> Kicks selected player from server.
r_lock Locks both teams from more players joining.
(Alias: lock)
r_lockblue Locks the blue team
r_lockred Locks the red team
r_map <mapname> Loads selected map.
r_mutespecs Mutes/unmutes spectators.
r_pause Pauses/unpauses match. (Alias: pause)
r_promote <player_id> Promotes a player to captain status.
r_putblue <player_id> Puts specified player on the BLUE team.
r_putred <player_id> Puts specified player on the RED team.
r_remove <player_id> Removes selected player from team.
r_restart Reloads the current map.
r_speclock Enables spectator locking for both teams.
r_speclockblue Enables spectator locking for the blue team.
r_speclockred Enables spectator locking for the red team.
r_specunlock Disables spectator locking for both teams.
r_specunlockblue Disables spectator locking for the blue team.
r_specunlockred Disables spectator locking for the red team.
r_unlock Unlocks both teams to allow more players to join.
r_unlockblue Unlocks the blue team
r_unlockred Unlocks the red team

*NOTE*: All vote options are also available as anything a referee "votes"
upon will ALWAYS pass/fail. This allows the referee to modify
all server settings as shown in the \callvote list. Can optional
use the "ref" command to achieve the same effect.

Voting Commands/Parameters
The following options are available under the "callvote" facility of eXy/OSP.
Most options are called with a parameter of "0" or "1" to signal "OFF" or

You can get a list of all votable options in the game by typing:

\callvote ?

by itself with no option name. This will list all available server
options to vote upon, based upon the current gametype being played on
the server.

You can also get the usage, description and current setting info of
most server variables by simply typing:

\callvote <option_name> ?

without any parameter. For example, you can get the server's current
setting for the BFG to see if it's enabled or disabled by typing:

\callvote bfg ?

Here is a list of all of the votable options:
** General votable parameters **
kick <player_id> Attempts to kick player from server.
map <mapname|map_id> Votes for a new map to be loaded. For a list
of available maps to vote on, type:
\callvote map
Maps can be voted by name or id number (as
given in the map listing).
map_restart Restarts the current map.

mutespecs <0|1> Enables/disables ability for spectators chat
to appear for players in the game.
nextmap Loads the next map in the map queue.
overtime <0|1|2|3> Sets overtime mode:
0 - Sudden Death (first score decides)
1 - Sudden Death-Timed Overtime
(sudden death after X rounds)
2 - No Overtime (can end in tie)
3 - Tie-Timed overtime (tie after X rounds)
promode <0|1> Toggles faster-paced ProMode Quake3 settings.
referee <player> Elects a player to have admin abilities.
unreferee <player> Elects a player to have admin abilities removed.
cl/capturelimit <value> Changes the current Capturelimit (CTF only)
fl/fraglimit <value> Changes the current fraglimit
tl/timelimit <time> Changes the current timelimit

** Team-based parameters **
allcaptain <0|1> Specifies if all players on a team have most
commands available only to the actual team
"captain" (everything except remove player
teamdamage <0|1> Toggles ability to hurt teammates.

Server Commands
The following command-list describes the commands available on the
server console. Note, all console commands that shipped with the
default Quake3 game are also available.

addbot If issued with a non-default quake3 bot name, eXy/OSP
will deterministically load a bot definition with
a determined skill level. This selection is based
on the bot's numeric representation of its name.
Thus, the same bot will be selected when its name
is given, every time.
allready Sets all clients in the game to "ready".
ban <player_id> Bans a player from the server.
filterlist Lists all current filters enabled on the server.
(Alias: banlist)
filterload Loads filter/ban list specified in the
filter_file and player_file server variables.
(Aliases: playernames, banload)
loadmaps Reloads the server's map queue.
pause Pauses a match in progress. (Alias: mpause)
players Gives player info just like the client "\players"

Message Control characters:
The following control characters describe additional features that can
be utilized for such things as the team chat console, names in the eXy/OSP
HUD and MOTD messages.

^B and ^b - make text blink
^F - makes the text display only at the first half of a second
^f - makes the text display only at the last half of a second
^N - resets control stuff like ^B, ^F, ^f
^Xrrggbb - allows the user to define the color using the rgb values (hex)

(e.g. ^XFF0000 is red, ^X777777 some kind of grey).

Available chat tokens
#A - Armor
Current armor value (lower-case "a" will print the value
with color coding, depending on the level of the value)

#C - Corpse
The location where you last died
/say_team "Overrun at #C"

#D - Damaged by
The last player to score a hit on you
/say_team "#D is here and he's heavily armed!"

#F - nearest Friend
Reports closest teammate in team-based gametypes.

#H - Health
Current health value (lower-case "h" will print the value
with color coding, depending on the level of the value)
/say_team "Hurting bad - #H/#A"

#I - Item (nearest available)
Shows the nearest "significant" (weapon, armor, powerup, or MH)
available item, and that includes dropped items. Note, you must
be able to *see* the center of the item (not just an edge).. this
requires you to be facing in the general direction of the object.
/say_team "#I available here"

#K - ammopacK (nearest available)
Just like #I, except it reports only closest available ammopack.

#L - Location
Many maps have terrible target_location entities
e.g. PG on PRO-DM6 shows as YA
"(pF.arQon) (YA): Weapon available" is a bit crap, neh?
This shows the nearest "significant" item spawn
(weapon, armor, powerup, or MH), whether the item is there or not

#M - aMmo wanted
Lists all types of ammo for weapons you have that are empty or
are nearly emptry (between 0 and 5 ammo).
/say_team "Need #M"

#P - last item Picked up
Reports last item picked up. Useful for reporting when you pick
up an important item (i.e. quad).

#R - health/aRmor (nearest available)
Just like #I, except it reports only closest available health/armor.

#T - Target
The last player you hit
/say_team "#T is weak - finish him!"

#U - powerUps
Lists all powerups you currently possess

#W - current Weapon held
Prints the abbreviated name of the weapon you are currently holding

General Game Options:
General in-game client-side options to tweak fall under the cg_* category.
For most of the HUD (heads-up-display) options, see the ch_* and cf_*
options, listed in the next sections.

cg_altGrenades <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 grenade skin)
Utilizes an alternate (prettier) skin/model for the grenades
from the grenade launcher.

cg_altLightning <0|1> (default = 0 - new 1.29/promode skin)
Utilizes the original skin (pre 1.29) for the shaft of the
lightning gun.

cg_altPlasma <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 plasma skin)
Utilizes an alternate (prettier) skin for the plasma bolts
of the plasma gun.

cg_ammoCheck <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
Disables the ability to switch to a weapon that doesn't
have any ammo. Useful for multiple-weapon binds.

cg_drawCrosshairNames <0|1|2> (default = 1 - show all players)
0 - No drawing of player names when pointing at them.
1 - Display the name of any player who is in the crosshair.
2 - Display only teammate names.

cg_drawDecals <0|1> (default = 1 - Decal drawing enabled)
Enables/disables drawing of in-game decals.

cg_drawPing <0|1|2> (default = 1 - show current ping)
Enables/disables the display of your current ping on the HUD
(above lagometer). Option 2 will color the value with the
corresponding color-code as seen in the scoreboard

cg_enableeXy/OSPHUD <0|1> (default = 1 - eXy/OSP-based HUD enabled)
Enables the eXy/OSP-based HUD.

cg_enemyColors <HSL> (default = 0000 (White))
Specifies the various color options for your enemies, if using
the "pm" skins for the default Q3 models:
R = rail color (for cg_teamrails 2)
H = head/helmet color
S = shirt color
L = legs color

----> Note: Values of the "char" for each of the "RHSL" parameters can be
from 0-9, a-z.

cg_enemyModel <modelname> (default = "" - disabled)
Setting this will force all players on the enemy team to
appear to have this model. Your teammates will retain their
models unless you specify g_forcemodel 1, which will force
all of your teammates to your current model.

cg_followkiller <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
Allows client to auto-switch to killer of chased player.
Cool for specing in-eyes 1v1 matches, and cool for viewcam
player specing in team games.

cg_followpowerup <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
Allows client to auto-follow powerup pickup if spectating.
Flag carriers have highest precidence in the follow_powerup
settings. Once you are on a flag carrier, you will not switch
automatically unless they are killed or cap the flag.
Also, if the current powerup player is killed, you will switch
to another powerup carrier, if one exists (rather than staying
on the same player, or switching to the killer).

cg_followviewcam <0|1> (default = 1 - follow specific player)
Toggles use of dynamic or specific player follow mode of the

cg_forceColors <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
Forces all teammates to your color settings, if using "pm" skins.

cg_lagometer <0|1|2> (default = 1 - lower right)
Draws the "lag" a player feels (network and rendering) in real time.
0 - Disabled
1 - Show in lower right portion of the screen
2 - Show in upper right portion of the screen

cg_nochatbeep <0|1> (default = 0 - normal chat beeps enabled)
Allows client to supress "beeps" heard during normal chat

cg_nomip <bitmask> (default = 0 - all gfx follow r_picmip)
Allows changing graphics to picmip 1 setting, regardless of
current r_picmip setting. The parameter for this setting
is a bitmask:
1 - LightningGun shaft
2 - PlasmaGun bolt
4 - Rocket Launcher explosions
8 - Grenade Launcher explosions
16 - Bullets (machinegun and shotgun)
32 - Railgun
64 - BFG
128 - Blood marks
256 - Smoke puffs

Note: If you use marks, the marks for each weapon are
also set to picmip level 0.

cg_oldCTFSounds <0|1> (default = 0 - Use newer CTF sounds)
Allows the use of "old" CTF sounds in CTF gametype that were
used prior to the 1.27 patch.

cg_oldPlasma <0|1> (default = 1)
Alternates between old-style q3 plasmagun and the new plasma graphic
with sparkles.

cg_oldRail <0|1> (default = 1)
Alternates between old-style q3 rail and the new rail with the
Q2 swirl.

cg_teamRails <0|1> (default = 0 - rail colors defined by players)
Forces railtrail colors to coincide with the color of the
team of the firing players. Works only for team-based

0 - Rail trail colors defined by individual player settings.
1 - Rail trails will match the color of the team of the firing
player (i.e. a player on the red team will ALWAYS have
a red rail trail).
2 - Use rail color as specified in the R parameter of color1
for teammates, and the R parameter of cg_enemyColors for
players of the enemy team.

cg_truelightning <0.0 - 1.0> (default = 0.0)
Specifies the "lag" imposed on the rendering of the lightning
gun shaft. A value of 0.0 is just like the baseq3 version "feel"
of the lg. A value of 1.0 imposes no lag at all (shaft is always
rendered on the crosshairs). A value of 0.5 is a good mix of the
two to reduce the wet-noodle effect, while still maintaining
consistency of where the server actually sees the shaft.

color1 <RHSL> (default = 0000 (White))
Specifies the various color options for yourself (and teammates),
if using a "pm" skin for a default Q3 model:
R = rail-core color (this is for all models/skins)
H = head/helmet color
S = shirt color
L = legs color

color2 <char> (default = 0)
Specifies the rail disc/swirl color.

----> Note: Values of the "char" for color1/color2 can be from 0-9, a-z.

Client HUD Settings (requires cg_enableeXy/OSPHUD set to 1):
ch_3waveFont <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 font enabled)
Toggles the use of the 3Wave font for all client game graphics
(e.g. scoreboard, teamoverlay, etc.)

ch_ColorLocations <0|1> (default = 1)
Changes color of locations in teamoverlay to be red or blue if
the text "Red" or "Blue" is found in the location.

ch_CrosshairColor <string> (default = White)
usage: ch_crosshaircolor 0xRRGGBB|<color>
<color>: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta,
cyan, and grey.
For RGB values, ch_crosshaircolor 0xFF3377 will yield some nice
weird color, as an example. Important note: cg_crosshairHealth
overrides this function, turn it off to use colored crosshair.

ch_drawSpeed <0-2> (default = 0)
0 - Player's current speed is not shown
1 - Player's current speed is shown in upper right, below time/fps
2 - Player's current speed is shown in a smaller, transparent font
just above the crosshair.

ch_drawFlagNames <0-5> (default = 0)
0 - default like id
1 - draw flag carrier's name (but no icons)
2 - draw flag carrier's name and the icons
3 - draw flag carrier's name (but no icon) in the lower right
corner (Q3comp statusbars only)
4 - draw flag carrier's name and icon in the lower right
corner (Q3comp Statusbars only)

ch_FilterLocationsTeamchat <0|1> (default = 1)
Filters location strings out of teamchat.

ch_InverseTeamChat <0|1> (default = 1)
Inverses teamchatwindow. If enabled, msgs arrived first will be drawn
on top.

ch_Pickupitem <0|1> (default = 1)
Draws the icon and string of items when they are picked up.

ch_recordMessage <0|1> (default = 1)
Toggles the display of the "Recording: xxx" message while a demo
is being recorded. Note: the cvar must be set BEFORE a recording
is started.

ch_StatusbarFormat <0|1> (default = 10)
0 - will use the default id statusbar format
1 - will use the eXy/OSP default in which only ammo, weapon icon, health,
flag (for ctf) and armor are drawn. Use cf_statusbar to scale
the statusbar font size.
2 - same as 1, but in addition displays a graph of ammo per weapon
side by side.
3 - same as 1, but in addition displays weapon ammo as numbers.
4 - CPM style 0 hud (like vq3)
5 - CPM health/armor bars
6 - CPM style 3
7 - CPM style 4
8 - CPM style 5
9 - Q3Comp style 1
10 - Q3Comp style 2
11 - Q3Comp style 3
12 - Q3Comp style 4

ch_TeamBackground <0|1> (default = 0)
Disables teambackground color in statusbar, teamchat.

ch_TeamchatOnly <0|1> (default = 0)
If enabled, only draws teamchat on the bottom left side of the HUD.
It will suppress team chats showing up in the normal upper left chat

ch_TeamCrosshairHealth <0|1> (default = 1)
If enabled, draws health and armor of players in the same team under
the crosshairname.

ch_Teamoverlay <string> (default = "p12n h/aw l")
Specifies what items should be displayed in the teamoverlay. This
is highly customizable:

p - powerup icons, aligns left
12n - width of, and the player name itself (name is always required)
h - player health
a - player armor
w - weapon icon
l - player location

All other items that cannot be parsed will be inserted between the
player fields (e.g. ' ' and '/').

ch_Weaponswitch <0-9> (default = 2)
0 - old fashioned id style, horizontal on top of teamchat
1 - same as 0, though permanent
2 - vertical, drawn on right side of HUD
3 - same as 2, though permanent
4 - vertical, drawn on left side of HUD
5 - same as 4, though permanent _and_ displays ammo of each weapon
next to it.
6 - CPM left style
7 - CPM right style
8 - CPM bottom style
9 - draws no weapon switch (if you don't need it or you're using
statusbarformat 2 or 3)

Client font Settings (requires cg_enableeXy/OSPHUD set to 1):
Note: Fonts are set by specifying the width and height of characters
as they should appear. Take for example: set cf_Statusbar "24x48".
This will make each character or icon in the statusbar 24 pixels
wide and 48 pixels tall. If the value can't be parsed, it the client
defaults to a 16x16 font.

cf_AmmoStatusbar <XxY> (default = 8x8)
Font size of the ammo display with ch_statusbarFormat 2 or 3.

cf_CrosshairNames <XxY> (default = 16x16)
Crosshairnames font size.

cf_Following <XxY> (default = 12x12)
"Following" message font size.

cf_Fragmsg <XxY> (default = 16x16)
Font size of the "you fragged" messages on top of your HUD.

cf_Scores <XxY> (default = 16x16)
Font size of the scorebox on the lower right of the HUD.

cf_Pickupstring <XxY> (default = 16x16)
Font size for the pickup string.

cf_Statusbar <XxY> (default = 48x48)
Scales the status bar if ch_statusbarFormat is 1.

cf_Teamchat <XxY> (default = 6x16)
Font size for teamchat.

cf_TeamCrosshairHealth <XxY> (default = 12x12)
Font size of crosshairhealth information.

cf_Teamoverlay <XxY> (default = 7x17)
Font size for the team overlay.

cf_Vote <XxY> (default = 12x12)
Vote message font size.

cf_WeaponName <XxY> (default = 12x12)
Font size of the weaponname if ch_weaponswitch is 1.

cf_WeaponSwitch <XxY> (default = 32x32)
Size of the weaponswitch graphics.

Helpful Client Settings
Clients can set:

set cg_predictItems 0

To avoid some sometimes arbitrary item actions and pickup sounds
that can occur during a match warmup period.

Item dropping:
If configured (or voted in), players can drop weapons/ammo in TDM
or CTF games. The command to drop items is:

\drop <item_name>

<item_name> can be any of the following:

sg (Shotgun)
gl (Grenade Launcher)
rl (Rocket Launcher)
lg (Lightning Gun)
rg (Railgun)
pg (Plasma Gun)
bullets (qty: 50)
shells (qty: 10)
grenades (qty: 5)
rockets (qty: 5)
lightning (qty: 80)
slugs (qty: 10)
cells (qty: 30)

Players may optionally drop flags in CTF by the command:

\drop flag