eXy on DISCORD. Join our DISCORD server to chat and play


Server owner agreed to keep eXy running, but without any guarantees. If it will be shut down, we will bring on only few ports (1v1,CTF,FFA) on some cheap VPS.


I would like to thank people who have donated to keep servers running.

And i would like to say how disappointed I am, because i see same names everytime. Basically it is around 8 guys who donate >98% of needed amount

I think it's not fair, but oh well, who cares. We didn't even collect whole amount this time. The beginning of an end? :)


eXy is IPv6 ready

So, since this moment eX and eXy servers are available via IPv6

eX: exv6.2ex.in - 2a01:4f8:221:2958::98

eXy: exvy6.2ex.in - 2a01:4f8:221:2958::99

An example of how to connect, using ioquake3:

\connect [2a01:4f8:221:2958::99]:27960

or simply

\connect exyv6.2ex.in:27960

Why? - If you dont know the answer for that question, then you probably dont need this.

How? - Ask your provider, if they can give your IPv6 subnet. Or search for IPv6 tunnel brokers


master.quake3arena.com is down for good

For a few weeks already Quake 3 masterserver doesn't respond. Seems this time it wont go up again

This means you wont be able to see list of servers in Multiplayer menu of the game

Best way to keep track of servers is to use software like:

HLSW for Windows
XQF for Linux

If you prefer oldfashioned and not very reliable way - to use server browser in Multiplayer menu, then you have to open in notepad and edit

C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add there: master.quake3arena.com

This will set masterserver to: master.ioquake3.org, which is official ioquake3 masterserver.

Third way is to set "sv_master[1,2,3,4,5]" variables in console or config
For example, in game console, type: \sv_master1 "master.ioquake3.org"
However second and third ways are not guaranteed to work, so we encourage you to use software described above, such as HLSW and XQF

Please note! Be aware that due to speculative and unfair behaviour of other server owners, you might see advices to set masterserver to IP Do not do this!! It is private masterserver of cromctf which includes only their servers in list. Please dont follow that scam of lousy cromctf admins.

Please note #2! We have discovered that same or affiliated people are distributing quake3 executable which promises to fix server browsing. We do not advice you to download those files, they can containt malicious code that can compromise your security

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please join our chat channel: IRC or Forum


We have lots of news to share today

First of all: since now we have added new feature - MaxGameClients. Only 10 players are allowed to be in game, while there are 4 more spectator slots. Specatators will not be able to join the game until players in game will get lower than 10

Second: We have made map rating page! Right now, you can vote for the maps that will be in rotation on eXy CTF (WOW OMG!). Go and Rate now :)
FFA rating page coming soon

And all of that wrapped into new server build. Together with minor fixes, there is a fix for missing sounds, that happend to many of you.


Wanted to try that map in Quake 3 for long time now, so decided to convert and recompile it.

Meet: Hektik for Quake 3


Thanks to everyone who donated. Servers are paid till 09.05.2012


Server rent

So the time has come. We have to collect money to pay server rent for the next 6 months.

Current status: Paid.
            Deadline: 7 Nov 2011

Whoever wants to help - click on 'donate' button on the left.


New Server Build

Hi everyone,
We are happy to announce that since 11 Aug 2011 eXy servers are running under the new build. Servers now run smoother, with less specific glitches.

But the main news of this release is that file downloads are enabled now, and they are blazing fast, especially for ioq3 users. We strongly recommend you to use ioquake3 for a better gameplay.

eXy pak has few minor changes too. You can now do "\exec exy" in console to apply the recommended settings for eXy servers. If you don't like them you can type "\exec unexy" to remove them.

Now, to take full advantage of new feature, please go to Setup->Game Options->Automatic Downloading: On

After you enable that, mostly for sure you will get new exy pak automatically, and you will be able to download new maps automatically...
...which means, yes, we are going to add more new maps to rotation

Expect soon an eXy_fan pak with customized textures and other cool stuff.


Hi and welcome, we've moved to new location

There were some problems with server crashes after migration.

For this moment (10.05.2011) problems were finally localised and fixed

Starting from 11.05.2011 all servers should be online and working properly

New server build also introduces fix for high ping/low fps players, those will be able to perform actions, such as rocketjump, easier than before.


Fix lags on WiFI. How-To.

Small how-to on how to get rid of lags if you are using wireless connection

read on our forum


Servers rent status

Here we go again, another deadline for paying the rent is coming. However, this time things will change slightly. Currently most of the eXy servers are hosted at "Optimate Server", this will be cancelled on 9-th of May. We are not going to use this provider furthermore. The second server, which was named "2Xy", is going to be cancelled too, on 22-nd of may respectively. There will be no more 2 physical servers at a time. We gonna rent one new server at "Hetzner Online AG", place where "2Xy" is hosted at the moment.

Important detail is that cancellation period must be 1 month before the desired date, so practically, I'm gonna request cancellation in 2 weeks. In order to make seemless transfer between servers, new server must be rent much before the 9.05.2011.

The 6 month rent is:250€. Deadline: 1.05.2011. Donations are welcome ('Donate' button on the left). Details as usual in IRC or on our forum

Current funds are:250€

Please be advised, that dontation is a way to keep servers running, we are appreciate to every donator, but we don't offer any special treatment in terms of following the server rules

Thank you.


Upcoming changes in map rotation

There will be major changes in list of maps for eXy CTF servers

Threewave maps will enter the main rotation, starting from just one 3W per few base maps

and when most of players will have the maps, amount will increase

If you dont have needed maps, you will get disconnected

DOWNLOAD and put to baseq3

Play more 3W! :)


Quake Zero Pack

QuakeZero was original name of QuakeLive. This pak will make your Quake3 look more like QL, more detailed textures, models, etc

Also contains lots of QuakeLive maps converted for use in Q3.

Originally this pak had several severe issues, which were fixed by us. Download and put to baseq3 folder

Also, eXy PAK was updated, to include new, better font. Now you can actually see black signs :p



New sex is here. It has forced CPM gameplay and separate banlist which is empty now. Hay igor and other bitnubs o/


Server status

Thanks to donations of eXy players, I can say it already - servers will keep working.

But there will be a period of some instabilities(periodical 10 seconds lag)... for 1-2 more weeks. It's connected with hardware malfunctions in the datacenter

Update: We were told that malfunction should be fixed now

Have fun playing.


Admin control is cancelled

From this moment, everyone who had in-game ban on eXy servers, will be unbanned, bandlist cleared.

In addition to that, noone gonna be kicked or banned. There will be no admin control

Period of this party may vary.



Server is back online

Shows good performance and improved connectivity to East European IX-points which means we gonna stay with this provider further more

To make that possible, amount of 200 EUR has to be paid till start of November. That will prolong servers for 6 more months.

If you wish to help with payment and you AGREE with policy for donators described here, then you can contact us at IRC or forum or e-mail, any help is appreciate


Server will be offline on 16 OCT 2010

Due to moving to another datacenter, server will be shut off on 16-10-2010 around 21-00 CET for 6-24 hours

This will be deciding moment in future of eXy servers

If connectivity will stay at same level or even improve(haha)

then we will have to find 200 EUR in 7 days to pay rent for next 6 monts


quake3arena.com is down

Looks like for few days already it wont resolve into IP address

If you cant connect to eXy servers with "Bad challenge" error you have to open in notepad and edit

C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add there: authorize.quake3arena.com master.quake3arena.com update.quake3arena.com

as id software seems to not care about quake3 anymore, it might take loads of time for them to fix that issue. So i suggest you to do those modifications


FFA2 is back

eXy FFA2 ( ) with loads of custom maps is back online.

As usual, you can find all the maps needed in files section

To see the list of voteable maps, join server and type \callvote map in console


Threewave games

Quakelive sux, baseq3 maps played for over 10 years now - sick and tired.

But there are maps that many of us like a lot. I'm talking about threewave ctf maps Lets try to organize something...

Say, we gonna schedule games, everyday at 22:00 CET. If you feel like playing - come: - eXy 3W

Still dont have maps? Download

P.S. It's a good idea to gather in IRC (#exy) before start, you can click on "Chat" here on our site, if you dont have IRC client.


New site

it's just new! and gives some more features, now everything is easily accessable

And one more thing: servers are paid till October 2010. Thanks to contributing people


We are at new server

Thanks to the people who contributed eXy was moved to new server.There will be new ports soon. Also I expect improvements in ping time for some people.

Please use exy.it.cx while connecting, instead of IP address.

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