*Basic requirements*

~ Latest version of OSP (1.03a) download
~ 3w CTF maps q3wpak0 / q3wpak1 / q3wpak2 / q3wpak3 / q3wpak4
~ If you haven't played on this maps before, better learn them before coming for pickup.

*How to sign up for a game*

~ To add yourself to a game go to #exypickup @ irc.quakenet.org and type !add
!important: Make sure you can connect to the servers and got all required maps before you sign up for any games!
~ To remove yourself from a game type !remove in the same channel.
!important: Once a game has started, you cannot !remove anymore. If you are unable to play, ask for a substitute in the channel and wait for him to confirm.
~ If u want see who's added for the next game type !who in the channel.

*How to start the game*

~ When topic is full, everyone joins the announced server. If you haven't joined within 5min, will be removed from the game.
~ Everyone spectates, except the team captains who are chosen by eX|aimGOD.
~ The captains make a "pummel match" on the center of the map, both with Health 100 and Armor 100.
~ The winner of pummel fight picks player for his team first, the loser second. Captains take turns until all players are picked.
~ The loser of pummel fight picks up first map. Maps for the current match are chosen by eX|aimGOD in irc when game is ready before players join server.


~ Do NOT use alias. Use a nick similar to your irc nick, this will make picking fair teams easier. You can change after teams are picked.
~ Put "spec" in your name if you are spectating.
~ Do NOT act lame, no matter if you are signed in for a game or not.
~ Ruining the game on purpose (such as running around with pummel, callvoting timelimit 1, afk-ing, repetitive timeouting and numerous other stuff ) will get you banned.
~ You must be at the server within 5 minutes, after which any other player may take your place.
~ If you are unable to play, your replacement must be at the server before the same 5 minute deadline.
~ Once a player has accepted to be a substitute, he is regarded as a signed player.
~ Always stay the entire match, leaving early will get you banned.
~ If you must leave a match, get a substitute by writing "sub needed at *server IP here*" in irc @ the channel.
~ Do NOT leave before your sub is on the server and ready to join.
~ A 999 disconnects are regarded as regular disconnects, unless the player rejoins server as soon as possible.
~ If anyone breaks the rules and a channel operator is available, then a temporary irc ban will be made.
~ A game is 20 minutes, unless there's overtime.

*Bans and durations*

~ Not showing up for your game: 24h - 48h - 1 week
~ Disconnecting from your game without substitute: 3 days
~ Leaving early, like leaving 1min before the game ends: 6h
~ Attempts to evade bans, be it on irc or on q3 server, will result in at least a double ban period.
~ Trolls will be banned for a suitable amount of time.

*After ban*

~ Wait and rejoin once your ban expires.
~ If you feel your reasons for breaking the rules are legitimate then you may take your case to the admin that banned you, in irc @ channel.
~ Admins cannot remove the bans of other admins, except in special cases.