Please follow these rules when playing on our server:

- Do not mistreat or argue with the admins
- Do not use abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players
- Do not use offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names.
- Do not recruit for your clans, sects, or anything else
- Do not advertise or spam websites or servers
- Do not cheat (aimbot, wallhack..etc)
- Do not flood (don't spam with your "so pro" made binds)
- Do not overuse in-game commands (voting, locking, namechanging, etc)
- Do not camp (defending and camping are two, different things - learn the difference!)
- Do not winnerjoin (My team is losing! Oh noes! I'll go to the winning team! Ha-ha-ha I'm so pro!....no you are not.)
- Do not abandon team (My team is losing! Oh noes! I'll go spec cause I'm too pro to lose!....pff no you are not!)
- Do not chat in languages other than English ( kurwa mac zioma ja to pierdole )
- Do not fool around and play! (do 20 mins pummel fights at localhost)
- Do not kickvote for nothing!
- Do not use our tag or passwords without being allowed.
- Do not try to avoid ban. Lines like: "It wasn't me!", "I didn't do it!" and "He started first!" won't work. They can only make it worse. Please, people, don't try to lie to us..it's ridiculous.


- Respect other players by using appropriate network settings, avoid using wireless links or having downloads on while playing.
- Keep the teams even by skill, not by number!
- Be aware, that using fake names sometimes can lead to kickbans.
- When you come to IRC to ask for help or anything else, start with saying "Hello/Hi/Hay..etc" and behave as normal person.


- Ask for specific mod, maps, maps rotation, additional ports..etc
- Ask for any kind of assistance connected with the game.
- Enjoy following the rules ;)


All bans' durations are decided by the admins according to player's behaviour. The more you lie, abuse or try to cheat, the longer your ban gonna be.
In eXy's long history there have been less than 5 people banned by accident, usually because they are from same country as others who deserve ban. Therefor some players are asked to play with their original names. If for some reason you get banned and you believe we are wrong, you can try to appeal, but not before reading the rules.
Except violating the rules, there are some more reasons you can get longer ban or eternal one:

- Reconnecting after kick/ ban. If you have been kicked, banned or put to spec, there will be a sign on your screen. Read it before you do anything. Reconnecting in this case will only make things worse for you. Connecting to other eXy ports won't do you any good either. Just turn off Quake 3 and go do something else for the rest of the evening.
- Reconnecting after kick/ban with different name. Don't even try it.
- Reconnecting after kick/ban with different IP. Do you really think it will help?
- Reconnecting after kick/ban with different IP and name. We still know it's you. How? Because you are not smarter than us.

Ban appeals:

- Before trying to appeal or ask why you were banned or anything else, first check forum thread about bans
- Ban appeals are accepted only via IRC channel, or bans thread on our forum. No private messages accepted. Don't spam PM.
- You better think of the ban reason yourself, that will raise your chances for unban.


If you have difficulties with anything of written above, please join our IRC channel #exy @ irc.quakenet.org or use webchat for help